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Which Rooms Are the Most Important When House Buying?

Depending on how the market is performing when it comes to selling your home, generally, when the prices are at a higher level,  you will see many of your neighbors, as well as people all around the neighborhood, taking advantage of the amount of money they can make with a quick sale. Even though many of the designs of these homes are similar, and actually some are completely the same, some people will make more on the sale of their home than others. This is because of the way they have presented the home to potential buyers.

There are certain rooms in a home, if presented properly, can make a big difference on how quickly your home sells, as well as how much it actually sells for. When you present a home for sale, the two biggest rooms that people look at, believe it or not, are the kitchen and the bathroom, or bathrooms, depending on the size of the home.

When you think about the two main rooms that should be the cleanest, the kitchen and the bathroom are the ones that really take priority, because of all the germs they are exposed to on a regular basis. When a prospective buyer, or buyers, walk into a home and they see a nice, clean, and orderly kitchen, they think of where they will put everything they own, and whether there is room left after that. They want to see clean and spotless kitchen counters and lots of space, so if you have a lot of clutter on the countertop, the best advice is to re-organize, relocate or get rid of some of these items.

In regards to a bathroom or bathrooms, depending on the size of your home, it is imperative that these rooms are absolutely spotless, as this is another room that is exposed to a huge amount of germs. Many times showing this room clean can actually be the difference between a sale, or no sale, in many, many, cases. Every room should be clean and spotless when showing a home, but these two rooms are for sure the most important to potential buyers.

Since these two rooms are the most judged spaces, any investment into the home, should be considered here first. Do your homework; find out what the bathrooms and kitchens look like in the neighborhood and consider the type of buyer you want to attract before making any major decision. For the kitchen, consider giving cabinets new life with repainting them a trendy grey tone and adding brush nickel hardware. If the appliance are dated, you may want to consider upgrading to stainless-steel appliances. In the bathroom, ensure the tile is clean and neat. Deep-clean the grout and upgrade the toilet to a low-flow option for a polished look.

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